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"We are so happy to have found Donarius to replace our old and buggy Geminon software. We are a small church and have to be mindful of our spendings so were pleased by the software price. Donarius has everything that we need and more. The customer support for our printing issue on our Mac was prompt and excellent, very surprising considering the low price of the software." - Nathalie D., Curries United Church, Woodstock, ON
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Donarius is on Capterra's Top 20 Church Managment Software List
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Donarius® Customer/Sales Management Software
(Also known as CRM Software or
Invoicing Software)

More things Donarius® does for you:

Customer Information:

  • find any customer by:
    • first name or surname
    • customer number
    • street
    • postal/zip code
    • phone number
    • email address
    • invoice number
  • records up to four (4) telephone numbers (home, work, cell and FAX) and four (4) email addresses (home, work and another) for each customer
  • store customer images or documents
  • records each customer's birthday. When entering a birthday the year can be given or omitted. For example if a customer was born on Mar 25, 1975 you can enter it as Mar 25 or Mar 25, 1975.
  • prints a list of those whose birthday is coming up soon
  • records a membership expiry date for members/li>
  • membership expiry date will be automatically updated when membership fee is received.
  • keeps track of when and how a customer becomes or ceases to be a member
  • tracks up to 10 custom one-time events for each customer
  • when adding new customers, some fields are automatically filled in to match what is common about the last 10 customers. It will fill in the city, state/province, zip/postal code and customer type.
  • checks for duplicate names when adding a new customer
  • will check for duplicate customers by looking for either:
    • a similar full name, same street, postal/zip code (similar first names will match, such as Robert & Bob or Susan & Sue)
    • the same last name, street, postal/zip code or
    • the same street and postal/zip code
  • keeps track of up to sixty (60) customizable customer types or customer characteristics
    For example you could set up the following characteristics:
    • wants newsletter
    • Google
    • MSN     <= to track how they
    • Capterra     found out about you
    • magazine ad
    You would check off the characteristics that apply to each customer and run reports for those with certain characteristics.
  • a characteristic for a customer can be automatically selected or un-selected when certain events happen. This can then be used to print a letter or send an email to that customer. These are the events that you can pick:
    • the customer is added
    • the member expiry date changes
    • the customer makes their first purchase
    • the customer type changes. (eg: the customer becomes a member)
    • the customer is exported
    • the customer is imported
  • gives you the option of entering customers without an address


  • transfer bank deposits to Quickbooks accounting software
  • transfer sales and bank deposits to QuickBooks
  • dates can be entered as mm/dd/yy or dd/mm/yy or using the month name
  • MICRSafe Check/Card Reader scan UPC codes using a barcode reader to speed up order entry
    (any barcode scanner with keyboard emulation will work)
  • MICRSafe Check/Card Reader speed up the data entry using a check reader. You read the check,the customer is found and you just enter the amount. We recommend this reader, which plugs into your USB port. Order the reader/scanner from one of these suppliers.
  • an optional unalterable audit trail
    (entries cannot be changed once entered, but you can add new sales to adjust the entry)
  • the text and boxes on the sales entry window can be made bigger so they are easier to see
  • when entering sales, finds customers by name, or customer #
  • when entering sales, sorts customers by name, by customer # or by the order in which they were entered
  • after entering sales on a given date in any order, they can be shown to you in the same order you entered them in, so you can check them
  • records several sales by a customer on the same date
  • records cash sales
  • gives you the option of indicating how a sale was made: by credit card, debit card, cash, coin, pre-authorized deposits (electronic fund transfers - ACH) or check (including a check number of up to 10 digits)
  • can indicate how many of each bill/coin size was received
  • payment method can be setup to default to the one used most often
  • enables you to pick your own shortcut keys to enter the payment method
  • you can add your own customized payment methods
  • records post-dated checks
  • records a note or description with each purchase
  • adds or updates customer information while you are entering sales
  • keeps track of up to two hundred (200) income accounts
  • a category can be hidden from customers (ie. it will not be shown on invoices, quarterly statments or mailings) This is useful for keeping track of credit card or PayPal fees.
  • each category can be divided into several sub-categories
  • records what currency foreign customers purchased with

Easily Import Online Sales:

Accounts Payable:

  • records how much each customer owes
  • on invoices can show the amount owed as well as the actual amount paid
  • on monthly statements shows the actual amount paid and how much is needed to pay off what they owe
  • most reports have the option of selecting any combination of:
    • customers who gave and owe
    • customers who gave but do not owe
    • customers who did not purchase but owe
    • customers who neither purchased nor owe
    Or one of:
    • customers who fall short on their accounts payable
    • customers who fullfilled their accounts payable
  • mail (or email) a reminder letter to customers who fall short on their payments
  • mail (or email) a Thank You letter to customers who fulfilled their accounts payable


  • save paper, envelopes, ink/toner and postage by emailing invoices as an attached PDF.
  • To create PDFs you need one of these PDF printer drivers:
    1. eDocPrinter
    2. Win2PDF
    3. Bullzip PDF Printer
    4. PDFWriter (for Macs)
    5. RWTS PDFWriter (for Macs)
  • to send emails you need the Letters/Emails module.
  • prints on standard letter size paper, a receipt printer or pre-printed forms
  • shows the currency used by a foreign customer
  • gives you a choice of built-in invoices with a
    variety of options or a customized invoice.
    (customized invoice is needed for a receipt printer)
  • works with any taxation year-end
    (for example: Australia's taxation year end is June 30th)

Invoice Options:

  • optionally have a cutoff section on the receipt which shows any of the following:
    -sales per quarter and per category
    -list of all sales
  • optionally shows the customer number
  • can be setup to print several different invoices per page
  • can print the company logo where ever you want it on the invoice
  • can print a message on the invoice
  • can print a signature which you have previously scanned in
  • in addition to the above options which are available on the built-in receipts,
    you can design your own receipts so they can:
    a) have items placed wherever you want
    b) include any graphics file
    c) have a personalized letter of any length
    d) have different font styles, sizes
        and colors
    e) include any field from the customer
    f) be personalized for different customer types,
        customer characteristics, payment
        methods, etc.
  • free setup of one customized letter, email or invoice - just email us a sample (additional ones are $20.00 each)


  • prints monthly statements for each customer: a summary of sales in the last month, with the amount owing
  • save paper, envelopes, ink/toner and postage by
    emailing statements as PDF files
  • to create PDFs you need one of these PDF printer drivers:
    1. eDocPrinter
    2. Win2PDF
    3. Bullzip PDF Printer
    4. PDFWriter (for Macs)
    5. RWTS PDFWriter (for Macs)
  • to send emails you need the Letters/Emails module.
  • 'sales by date' report shows the sales received and/or amounts owing for a date range, grouped by day, week, month, quarter or year
  • 'sales by customer' report shows each customer and how much they purchased during a date range.
    The customers can be sorted by:
    • name
    • the amount they purchased
    • the order in which you entered the sales
    • the invoice #
    • the type of customer
    • the characteristic of the customer
    • age and age range
  • The settings for a report can be memorized, so you do not have to reselect your choices.
  • prints a customer list
  • prints a bank deposit which shows the total coin, cash and checks being deposited. Also includes a list of the checks and/or other payment methods
  • if you have a different bank account for some income accounts (it will print a separate deposit for each)
  • You may have both a US dollar and a Canadian
    dollar bank account. In this case, Donarius will
    automatically do a bank deposit for each account.

Report Options:

  • dates can be entered as mm/dd/yy or dd/mm/yy or using the month name
  • reports can be customized by putting any of the following at the top or bottom of each page:
    • today's date
    • current time
    • page #
    • company's name
    • company's address
    • a comment or any text
    • a logo or image
  • reports show income accounts in columns, rows or in the middle of the page
  • the order of income accounts on reports can be re-arranged as needed
  • create customized reports by including only certain customers, based on their:
    • customer type
    • customer characteristics
    • the method of payment for the purchase
  • reports can be saved to a file for customizing
  • works with any fiscal year-end
  • reports can default to start on Jan 1st or start of fiscal year


  • keep in contact with your customers by sending them personalized letters, emails and text messages
  • get new customers by following up on leads
  • add file attachments to emails
  • send html emails with graphics
  • emails can be sent from Donarius using your Gmail, Yahoo or AOL email address and using their SMTP server. Also works with Microsoft emails (Hotmail, Live and Outlook).
  • sends text messages to cell phones
  • free setup of one personalized letter, email or text message - just email us a sample (you should be able to setup additional ones on your own) If you want us to setup the additional ones they are $20.00 each.
  • prints labels or envelopes for mailings (envelopes can have your company's name pre-printed on it or Donarius® can print it for you.)
  • prints on any size label sheet or envelope
  • re-uses partially used label sheets, starting at the bottom of the sheet so it will not get stuck in your printer
  • finds customers who have not purchased for a certain period of time, so you can send them a letter/email
  • do a mailing to a certain province/state or a postal/zip code range
  • do a mailing for customers having a birthday or anniversary
  • do a mailing for people whose membership or credit card expires soon
  • do a mailing for people who purchased a certain amount. The amount can be the total purchased during a time period or a single purchase
  • gives you the option of sorting by country then postal/zip code or country then province/state
  • counts how many items are going to each unique first part of a postal/zip code or each province/state
  • Donarius® can be setup to automatically import customer info from some other software and send them an email, text message or print a letter.


  • has two access levels: one for full access and one for limited access (for example, used by cashier, sales rep or manager)
  • you indicate whether the user is allowed to:
    • enter new customers
    • view customer information
    • edit customer information
    • which reports they are allowed to view and how far back they can view them
    • add or edit income accounts
  • you indicate how far back they can edit sales
  • can be setup for someone to view/edit only customer information not any sales. For example, this could be used a cashier
  • enables you to start Donarius® without having to enter a password if you don't have any concerns about unauthorized persons using it


  • works over a network for one user at a time
  • can be used on multiple computers for one user at a time, accessing the same data over the Internet,
    using DropBox. To setup Donarius to work with DropBox, move the entire Donarius folder to the DropBox folder on your desktop. then create a shortcut pointing to the file DONARIUS.EXE. Anyone else with the same DropBox account will automatically have the files and software copied to their DropBox folder on their computer.
  • data can also be shared with: Google Drive, OneDrive, Sync, Good Sync, Spider Oak or Team Drive.
  • automatically backs up data files to a memory stick, shared drive,
    CD-RW or CD-R (backup to a CD-RW or CD-R, using Donarius, may require an add-on from the company that developed your CD burner software)
  • backups can be to any folder on your computer
  • backup folders can have the date of the backup as part of the name
  • backup only the years of data that you want to
  • you have the option of deleting old data to save space on your hard drive
  • data can be restored from any drive or folder
  • add new customers and new sales entered on a second computer to your data
  • view/print reports using data on a backup disk without copying it to your hard drive
  • the default printer can be different from the Windows default printer
  • imports customers and sales from:
    -delimited text files
    -any CRM management software that can export data
    -Microsoft Access
    -Microsoft Excel
    -Manager accounting
    -Simply Accounting
  • customers and sales can be imported from a report (in a text file) that lists each customer's sales.
  • free importing of your data if you don't want to do it yourself
    If your data is in an non-standard format there will be a charge to convert the data to a text file.
  • exports customers and sales to delimited text files, to be used for mail-merges, transferring info to spreadsheets, selective backups and much more
  • transfer customers to QuickBooks
  • choose separate colors for window background and controls (edit, combo and list boxes)
  • runs on Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10.
    To install on a Mac use: PlayOnMac, Wineskin or Crossover .
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