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Donarius® Customer/Sales Management Software
(Also known as CRM Software or
Customer Relationship Management Software)
Pay only for the modules you want!

Donarius® has a base version and various optional modules, each of which can be purchased separately.
Each price shown below is a one-time cost. This means there is no yearly fee.

The base version costs $63.97 US ($67.97 CDN)
and does this:

  1. tracks customers
  2. tracks sales
  3. prints invoices using built-in style
    (They have a several options for how you
    want them to appear.)
  4. prints a variety of reports
  5. prints mailing labels
  6. imports data
  7. exports data
The available modules are as follows and cost an
additional $16.50 US ($18.00 CDN) each, enabling you to:
  1. track accounts receivable
  2. import online orders
  3. custom invoices, if you don't like the standard one
  4. print personalized letters and send personalized emails/text messages.
    (This module is necessary to email your invoices as PDF files.)
  5. customer images/documents
Click here for a description of these modules.

Small businesses get 25% off.
  => $47.98 US ($50.98 CDN) for the base version
        and $12.37 US ($13.50 CDN) for each module.

You are entitled to this discount if you have a maximum of $100,000 in sales during the last year.

Companies in developing countries have very limited financial resources so we are offering them 60% off the above prices.
  => $27.19 CDN for the unlimited version or
        $20.39 CDN for the $100,000 in sales version.
Modules are an additional $7.20 CDN each.
Contact us for details on how to get this pricing.

With your purchase you are allowed to install Donarius on as many computers as you want for no extra charge. However, to use the software for several different companies, you must purchase a copy for each company. Each copy may have different modules or discounts so you would pay the full price for the highest priced one and get a 75% discount on each of the additional copies. (i.e. only 1/4 of the price for each additional one)

You can pay by:
    Placing an order online
    Calling in your credit card number
    Mailing a check


Fill out a survey to get $2.00 (+taxes) off your purchase.

Download a Free Demo of Donarius >>>

The demo version has all the modules so you can evaluate them to decide which ones you want.

Note: The demo version has these limitations:
        - prints sample invoices
        - exports only 10 customers or sales at a time
        - sends only 1 email at a time.
        - you have 30 days to enter new customers or new sales

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The multifaceted uses of Donarius®:
Customer/Sales Management Software (CRM)
Church Management Software
Donor Management Software
Donation Tracking Software
Pledge Tracking Software
Photo Directory Software
Synagogue Management Software